Incoming Freshmen

All incoming freshmen must complete the MPT, including those who have already received accelerated credit (AP/IB/dual enrollment).

Incoming freshmen are strongly recommended to complete the MPT prior to attending Orientation. Students who have their MPT results available at Orientation will be able to receive assistance from their academic advisor to select the most appropriate math course. If the MPT is not completed prior to Orientation delays in registration for mathematics courses may result. The MPT should be taken from the convenience of a computer with a secure and strong internet connection.

  1. Review the MPT Test Frequently Asked Questions: It is your responsibility to review important information provided in the MPT Frequently Asked Questions prior to taking the test
  2. Obtain your Username (NID) and MyLabsPlus Password: After you pay your enrollment deposit to UCF, please allow up to seven (7) business days before receiving an email from with your username (NID) and MyLabsPlus password needed to access the MPT. Please retain this email for future reference. If you did not receive an email after the seven (7) business days, please try resetting your MyLabsPlus password by following the information below:If you do not know your password, please go to and click on the “forgot my password” link. Enter your NID as the User ID then check your email for instructions to reset your password. Note that the password used for the MPT website (MyLabsPlus) is NOT your “NID Password” but instead, a separate password used for the sole purpose of the MyLabsPlus website.
  3. Review UCF Policies on Integrity and Academic Honesty: The purpose of the MPT is to place you in the math class in which you will most likely be successful; therefore, it is very important that only you work on your test and study plans. As a student at UCF, you are expected to uphold the UCF Creed and demonstrate the highest standard of academic and personal integrity. Participating in a behavior that violates academic integrity contradict these values, and may result in sanctions if found in violation of academic misconduct policies. Students are expected to familiarize themselves with and follow the University’s Rules of Conduct
  4. Request Extended Time or Academic Accommodations for the MPT: Students who believe they qualify for academic accommodations for placement tests and/or academic courses should contact Student Accessibility Services prior to starting the test to inquire about options available ( If you are approved for placement test accommodations, please email so that your test settings can be adjusted.
  5. Take the Required Practice Test: Once you obtain your Username (NID) and MyLabsPlus password, please go to to access the Math Placement Test. There are three (3) Math Placement practice tests: algebra, trigonometry, and precalculus. All students must start by taking the practice algebra test. Students are required to complete the practice algebra test and earn 35% or higher before proceeding to the actual algebra test. Repeated attempts are possible on the practice tests if students would like to gain more experience. Read the MPT Access Document for detailed instructions on how to access the practice test(s).
    Please note: An optional study plan will be generated based on your responses from the practice test. The study plan will identify your strengths and areas of improvement, and help guide your path of study in preparation for taking the actual MPT.
  6. Take the Math Placement Test: Before attempting to take the test, you will need to have paper, pencil, a basic scientific calculator (not a graphing calculator), and ample time to complete the test. The calculator used in most of the math courses at UCF is the TI-30XA calculator which retails for under $15.00. The Math Placement Test is a closed-note, closed-book test which consists of a section of algebra questions, a section of trigonometry questions, and a section of precalculus questions.All students must start by taking the algebra test. Once you start the test you must complete it without pausing or interruption as it is a timed test. Students who score 350 or higher on the algebra test will have the opportunity to advance to the trigonometry and precalculus tests. Only these students should repeat Steps 4 and 5 above and complete the practice trigonometry test prior to taking the actual trigonometry test, and complete the practice precalculus test prior to taking the actual precalculus test. Students who score less than 350 will receive an email indicating their math course placement. View the MPT Instructions Document for detailed instructions on how to access the Math Placement Test(s).
    Note: Students who meet certain criteria will have the option to retake the MPT for a cost. Retakes must be completed in a proctored test environment scheduled at the University Testing Center at UCF. For more information and to verify if you are eligible to retake the MPT, please email us
  7. Review Your Test Results: After you complete the MPT, you should get results right away sent to your email. However, please allow up to 1 – 2 business days after completing the MPT, or when it is removed from your “to do” list before you can register for a math course. Your MPT score is not transferable to another college/institution. The score and placement you received on the MPT is intended for academic advising and course placement while at the University of Central Florida.
Test Number of Questions Length of Test
algebra 25 questions 1 hour 45 minutes
trigonometry 15 questions 1 hour 15 minutes
precalculus 15 questions 1 hour 15 minutes