Test Accommodations

The office of Student Accessibility Services (SAS) works in collaboration with the University Testing Center (UTC) to ensure that reasonable accommodations are made for students with documented disabilities. Students with disabilities seeking accommodations for placement tests must have approval from the SAS office. In order to request accommodations:

  1. Review the Placement Test Accommodations information for the Math Placement Test (MPT) on the SAS website.
  2. Submit the Placement Test Accommodations Request Form to SAS. The process to review documentation may take up to ten (10) business days to determine if the accommodation request is appropriate for approval.
  3. The student will be notified via email of their accommodation status for the MPT by the SAS office.
  4. If the accommodation is approved, the SAS office will notify UTC.
  5. UTC will have two (2) business days to apply the accommodation from the date of which they are notified. (Example: Applying extended test time).

Accommodations approval for the placement tests does not result in students being registered with the SAS office or approved for accommodations in their enrolled courses. To receive academic accommodations for enrolled courses, students with disabilities must be registered with the SAS office. Students should visit the SAS website for documentation guidance and submission procedures.