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University Testing Center

The Florida Teacher Certification Examinations/Florida Educational Leadership Examination (FTCE/FELE) are standardized tests used to assess the competencies of prospective teachers according to Florida's Sunshine State Standards. FTCE/FELE are administered as computer-based tests by the evaluation systems group of Pearson.

The FTCE consists of three (3) tests: General Knowledge Test, Professional Education, and Subject Area Examinations. The FELE consists of three subtests—Leadership for Student Learning, Organizational Development, Systems Leadership (multiple-choice section and a written performance section). The FTCE-FELE exams are administered at UCF.

Please view and/or download the information on the FTCE/FELE website regarding available test dates, test scheduling procedures, test fees, identification requirements, and additional information.

Preparation Resources

Faculty, students, local teachers and teacher candidates interested in pursuing first-attempt success in preparation for the FTCE exams can obtain general information, preparation and resources, and test day hints and strategies by visiting the UCF College of Education FTCE Prep website.

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